A Big Thanks to all our Volunteers!

Thanks to the over 300 non-dental volunteers and over 400 dental volunteers
who helped provide free dental care at our Mission of Mercy event in Grand Island, NE!

We hope to have even more dental professional help next time!
We turned away an estimated 400+ people and were 35 dentists short on Sarturday.
We see as much as 25% more patients with more dentists.

Thanks again for making this event a great success!

  • 1,290Patients
  • 9,000 Procedures
  • $764,464 Dollars worth of dental work

About NMOM

Originating in Virginia and spreading throughout the United States, Mission of Mercy dental programs have provided 100,000 patients with nearly $50 million in free dental services and treatment since 2000.

The Nebraska MOM program provides care to the uninsured, the under-insured and anyone who otherwise has difficulty getting to a dentist. Those who show up for care, children and adults, and don't have any medically compromising condition that would prohibit them from receiving care are seen on a first-come, first-serve basis.

In Nebraska, a successful MOM event focuses on:

  • Providing free access to critical dental care while placing a high priority on patients suffering from dental infections or pain.
  • Providing basic dental education and awareness to patients. 

History of Nebraska Mission of Mercy (NMOM)

Nebraska was the fourth state to hold a Mission of Mercy, following Virginia and Texas in 2001 and Kansas in 2003. Nebraska held its first NMOM in North Platte, NE October 20-21, 2005.  Dr John Ahlschwede made it his 'mission' to have the Mission of Mercy start in Nebraska after his tenure as President of the Nebraska Dental Association.  Coupled with the vision of Dr Jim Jenkins and Dr Jim States, the first NMOM was chaired by Dr States in North Platte in October of 2005.   Over 900 patients were seen in two days and with the help of Kansas (KMOM) individuals and equipment, the Nebraska dental community provided over $350,000 of free dental care in those two days.  At that time NMOM had very little equipment of their own but were fortunate to have the expertise of Kansas dentists such as Dr Jeff Stasch, Dr Jon Tilton, Dr Max MacReynolds, Executive Director Kevin Robertson of the Kansas Dental Association and others as well as the use of their equipment. 

In 2010, the Nebraska Dental Foundation (NDF) created the Nebraska Mission of Mercy, a separate 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to operate future Missions of Mercy.  The NDF also transferred the assets acquired for the Nebraska Mission of Mercy to America's Dentist Care Foundation, which coordinates Missions of Mercy around the United States.

It is very satisfying to see how dentists give of their time, talent energy and love for such a project.  All of their services are donated.  Many of them bring their office staff and personal office supplies to help make the event a great success.  Each community has been great in providing expert assistance from Non-dental Volunteers who also give of their time talent and energy to help their neighbors and friends who may not be as fortunate as some.  Also each community has been very generous with donations of food, dollars, space to have the event and so much more.


Our Actions

  • Provide access to basic dental care services at no charge to anyone regardless of financial need
  • No person turned away as long as we are physically able to see them

Mission of Mercy events in Nebraska:

  • 2014Lincoln: 1233 patients received $700,369 in free dental care
  • 2013 Lincoln: 1043 patients received $554,784 in free dental care
  • 2012 Alliance: 749 patients received $425,000 in free dental care
  • 2011 Grand Island: 1,378 patients received $617,317 in free dental care
  • 2010 Lincoln: 500 patients received $175,000 in free dental care | Limited event due to National Special Olympics held in Nebraska.
  • 2009 Omaha: 1,427 patients received $608,621 in free dental care
  • 2008 Mitchell: 1065 patients received $571,515 in free dental care
  • 2007 Norfolk:1393 patients received $506,778 in free dental care
  • 2006 Grand Island: 1788 patients received $638,853 in free dental care
  • 2005 North Platte: 903 patients received $356,750 care in free dental care


Our Actions

"Dentists, Dental Hygienists and Dental Assistants that attend a Mission of Mercy event come away with a great feeling of gratitude, knowing that they have made a difference, knowing that they have helped get someone out of pain, knowing that strides are being made to help ‘those who need it most’. They all feel that it is good to help friends and neighbors that may need help during troubled times. Many of the practitioners attend each year so they can help others. This is a tribute to a great profession." - Dr. Steve Anderson, Dentist from Grand Island, Nebraska and Vice President of America's Mission of Mercy.
"I don't know what I and many others would have done with the care that's being offered, my hubby *passed Dec., 2012* and I received care from your org., couldn't afford dental, so all of you were our only option. You all are real life-savers!" - Vickie
"As a dental volunteer I got to see how much the patients treated needed help. I actually felt that I made a difference in the lives of so many people just by giving 2 days out of my life. Patients had tears in their eyes as they thanked me every time I did something for them. I will certainly be returning next year and suggest that any dental professional should gift themselves with this heart-warming experience!" - Michelle
"My daughter and I got dental care we could not afford otherwise. Thank You , Kathy and Kera Norris." - Kathie
"I went to the COMOM Greeley event Oct 4th 2013. I was scared and I felt ashamed. After camping out in the truck for a few hours I came to a waiting area with other people in my same shoes. Started swapping stories and befriending the people in front and behind me I felt at ease. Some of these people had been at past events and could give an idea of what to expect. My fellow comrades were very nice too. Once we got in, ever single volunteer was so nice, sweet and kind. They were very happy and proud to be there to help us with FREE services. I almost died 7 years ago while pregnant from not being able to afford dental services. I was on that road again, minus the pregnant part. I felt more comfortable there with strangers all around me in my same situation. Everyone was so Nice I cannot stress that enough. When you was done with one station, you waited a small moment for another chair to open up at another station. Again chit chatting with my fellow comrades, fat lip and numbed to all and laughing with relief. Not one person was judged. And I got help. I didn't have insurance and knew the work I needed would have costed at least 2k if I had insurance. It would have been 3-4k without. They saved my life and I bet they didn't even realize it. I am so grateful for the help and the kindness along the way. And I did cry while I was there, but tears of joy. I was glad I came. Thank you everyone for what you did for me and others. You made me feel so much better about myself. And I would like to also add that I got the best Dental service of my life. Even when I had insurance and went when I had it. This service was the best." - Melissa
"Mission of Mercy events have helped over 100,000 patients and provided nearly 50 million dollars in free services since 2000." - America’s Dentist Care Foundation
"I had forgotten how to smile...until now. Thank you!"  - Colorado MOM Patient
"I’ve volunteered at two Nebraska Mission of Mercy events—the only word that even comes close is ‘AMAZING!’ This is such a gift to our communities and to our state. All I can say is THANK YOU DENTISTS, STAFFS AND VOLUNTEERS!" - Chuck Salestrom, Volunteer, North Platte, Nebraska

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