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This spring over 150 volunteer dentists will provide an estimated 1,200-1,400 patients, with $750,000 in free care at the Mission of Mercy event.

FONNER PARK | 700 E Stolley Park Rd | Grand Island, NE 68802
Hours of operation: Friday and Saturday - 5:30am to 5:00pm.

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About NMOM

Originating in Virginia and spreading throughout the United States, Mission of Mercy dental programs have provided 100,000 patients with nearly $50 million in free dental services and treatment since 2000.

The Nebraska MOM program provides care to the uninsured, the under-insured and anyone who otherwise has difficulty getting to a dentist. Those who show up for care, children and adults, and don't have any medically compromising condition that would prohibit them from receiving care are seen on a first-come, first-served basis.

In Nebraska, a successful MOM event focuses on:

  • Providing free access to critical dental care while placing a high priority on patients suffering from dental infections or pain.
  • Providing basic dental education and awareness to patients. 


Mission of Mercy started in Virginia in 2000. Texas was the second state, Kansas the third and Nebraska became the fourth state to host a Mission of Mercy. The first Nebraska Mission of Mercy was held at North Platte and served 903 patients and performed $356,750 worth of free dental care and services over the Friday and Saturday event.

Subsequently, Dentists in Nebraska has conducted Mission of Mercy events in North Platte, Norfolk, Mitchell, Omaha, and Grand Island on two separate occasions Within the from 2005- 2011, Nebraska dentists saw almost 8,000 patients and performed over $3,300,000 worth of free dental care. 

Since 2000, the Missions of Mercy, held throughout America, have delivered over $50,000,000 in free dental care to over 100,000 patients who need it most. The accomplished with just four states thru 2006 and an additional seven states added in 2007 thru 2009.

In 2010, eleven MOM events were held throughout the United States. In, 2011, there will be Missions of Mercy in 17 states with three others showing strong interest.

In 2012, 20 states are scheduled presently and may increase to 27 separate events and are projected to serve 40,000-50,000 patients with over $20,000,000-$25,000,000 in free dental care. The organization's goal is to have MOM events in all 48 contiguous states by 2016.


Our Actions

  • Provide access to basic dental care services at no charge to anyone regardless of financial need
  • No person turned away as long as we are physically able to see them

Patients Served at 2011 Grand Island NEMOM:

  • $617,317 Total Care
  • 1,378 Patients Seen
  • 1,477 Encounters
  • 6,264 Procedures Finished
  • 1,519 Extractions
  • 1,976 Fillings
  • 1,378 Patients Seen
  • 30 Root Canals
  • 1,005 X-Rays

Patients Served at 2012 Alliance NEMOM:

  • $425,000 Total Care
  • 749 Patients Seen


Our Actions

"Mission of Mercy events have helped over 100,000 patients and provided nearly 50 million dollars in free services since 2000." - America’s Dentist Care Foundation
"I had forgotten how to smile...until now. Thank you!"  - Colorado MOM Patient
"I’ve volunteered at two Nebraska Mission of Mercy events—the only word that even comes close is ‘AMAZING!’ This is such a gift to our communities and to our state. All I can say is THANK YOU DENTISTS, STAFFS AND VOLUNTEERS!" - Chuck Salestrom, Volunteer, North Platte, Nebraska
"Dentists, Dental Hygienists and Dental Assistants that attend a Mission of Mercy event come away with a great feeling of gratitude, knowing that they have made a difference, knowing that they have helped get someone out of pain, knowing that strides are being made to help ‘those who need it most’. They all feel that it is good to help friends and neighbors that may need help during troubled times. Many of the practitioners attend each year so they can help others. This is a tribute to a great profession." - Dr. Steve Anderson, Dentist from Grand Island, Nebraska and Vice President of America's Mission of Mercy.

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